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Rain can’t stop the fun at Camp Skyline Ranch! Hey Parents! We are having so much fun already! We had our first day of activities, club meetings, Beli Deli Discussions, and even a brand new version of Sock Wars! So many firsts today! It rained on and off throughout the day, but we pushed through. Most activities are able to continue as normal, some moved inside periodically. The first day of activities is always rules and a sneak peak into what the next two weeks will look like. Tomorrow, Campers will have the opportunity to switch activities so we want them to know what to choose!

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The rain pushed us into the gym for Beli Deli today so it was just ONE BIG PARTY!! All campers had the opportunity to hangout and make new friends, and of course Beli Deli Discussions! If you aren’t aware of our Beli Deli Discussions, it is a daily segment on our TikTok where a counselor interviews campers during Beli Deli! It is a different question everyday, created by the counselor host! Any willing camper I interviewed! It has become so popular now that campers are so excited to know the question. Today’s question was “Pink or Purple?” Our TikTok is @CampSkylineRanch so y’all check it out and see if your camper answered!

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Our first club competition of the session was SOCK WARS!!! Due to the rain we had to move to the gym BUT that called for a new and improved Sock War!! Imagine this… doge ball tournament but with a few twists, tutus, and cheer offs.. it was the best night ever!!! The girls fought hard for all the club points!!! I know there was a ton of spirit points won too!

Before I head to bed, who wants to know the Sock War winners??

Rangers Third! Troopers Second!! Mounties First!!!

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