Hey Parents! AC here tonight to tell you all about our Friday up on the mountain. If I have not gotten to introduce myself to you yet, My name is AC Nagle and I’m the nighttime director here at Skyline. I am a former camper & counselor and now have called Mentone my year round home for two years. I love when Larry gives me the reins (horse joke) to the blog to take over for the night. I have been looking for things all day to tell y’all about! Not that it was super difficult…All it takes is a walk through camp to see what everyone is up to in activities which is my favorite! I love stopping through activities and chatting with campers. First and foremost, I must say that your daughters are SO kind. They always have the biggest smile on their face, they’re thanking their counselors, they’re encouraging eachother in activities. I just LOVE this group of girls. Okay…now onto our day.

I walked over to horseback riding to see what everyone is up to. I may be a little partial to spending a ton of time over there. I spent 8 summers working as a counselor in the barn so I love to see all of the girls practice their riding skills! Our advanced girls worked on perfecting their lead when cantering and others girls enjoyed a shady trail ride! At the end of the session, every class will particiate in their own horse show. If your daughter is taking horseback riding, she will come home with a ribbon so we are excited to see that! I also found out cooking made hummus and went on a little picnic. They love getting to take a little field trip and enjoy the sunshine. Mountain Biking also went out today. Some classes went to the creek and some classes went all of the way to the Mentone Wedding Chapel.Our fitness class did Yoga indoors today. They have loved getting to try new & creative fitness activities. This morning I walked into the gym to get things ready for our night activity (more on that later) but was stopped by the Volleyball class asking if I wanted to play. Y’all don’t know me but one thing I’ll let you know…I have no idea how to play really any sport. So when a group of Riversiders that play real volleyball during their school year ask if AC wants to play…obviously I’m going to say yes. It was so much fun watching them do what they are so good at but let me tell y’all…They schooled me. I could not hit ANY ball served to me because of how hard and quick the girls were serving. Which is a great problem to have! They’re just too good for me. Anyways :)

Also, if you’re scrolling through all of our photos on Waldo and thinking “Wow so much purple today!” Many girls wore purple to celebrate the launch of Taylor Swift’s Album “Speak Now (taylor’s version)” We were very excited!

Musical Theater is moving right along in their progress towards the big show! They worked on more music and the big roles really got into learning their lines today. One girl in the talent show tonight was so excited to sing on stage by herself and told me after that she felt like it really prepared her for being on stage as Flounder for the upcoming play. Larry took his CSR girls into a cave today. You’ll want to see the footage of that on our video below. It’s crazy what these girls can do. It’s so cool!! (Literally cool because it’s always 52 degrees in the cave) I saw some crazy tricks up in circus and more girls signing the walls in archery & riflery. That’s what your daughter gets to do if they shoot a bullseye! Many of the campers have a TON of tally marks next to their name. We hava some sharp shooters this session.


Now onto our night activity…TALENT SHOW! I was super excited to have Talent night back for third session and let me tell y’all, I was BLOWN AWAY by the talent tonight. We had over 30 different girls in the talent show doing all sorts of things. Maaannnyy Taylor Swift songs (which I love), great gymnastics routines, beautiful lyrical and jazz dances, even some kazoos too! It was nothing short of pure talent and I’m excited to give y’all the winners tonight.

Groups 2, 3, & 4:

3rd place: Katherine (singing) 2nd place: Addison (dancing) 1st place: Rains (dancing)

Groups 5 & 6:

3rd place: MK (singing & playing piano) 2nd place: Harper (Irish dancing) 1st place: Sydney & Lana (musical theater)

Overall winner: Mary Neal (singing & playing guitar)

I’m excited for another full day of activities tomorrow followed by Santa’s Workshop! A Christmas themed night activity filled with tree decorating, Christmas crafts, writing letters, and even milk and cookies! I hope y’all have had a great day and a great week. I love all of your girls! I am so glad they are here and I really appreciate you all sending your daughters to Skyline this summer. See you tomorrow!


AC :)