Hello parents! I am here to report BREAKING NEWS!!! The Camp Laney boys busted into our dinner and stole our club captains! They ran and hid them across campus and we all had to fight to get them back! We all hurried to finish our handfuls of brookies and then ran to meet in the dance hall where we received our first clue. The Rangers headed to Archery, Mounties to Riverside, and Troopers to Circus field. When we all reached our battlefields we were greeted by Laney Boys with their arms full of COOTIE BOMBS! Don’t worry parents, no cooties are going home with you. When struck by a cootie bomb, you go see the Doc who healed you up and set you free! It took four of us to take down a single Laney boy! We dominate in no time though! After we clear one field we move to the next and then the next! Until we get all our captains back and all the club points! The faster we take down the Laney boys, the better!

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If you couldn’t tell by now, we played Get Skyline Back tonight! This night activity is always a camp favorite because everyone gets to play! Campers get to see their counselors all dressed like boys and the counselors get to run and play with the campers. And even as a photographer, it is so fun to watch! Don’t forget to read to the end to see the winners! SPOILER ALERT! Theres a tie…

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This morning I spent some time at mini camper fun swim and it was a blast! They were playing on the blob and facing all their fears of jumping in the river! It was so adorable and I can’t believe their time here is already halfway over! It is always so sad to see them go. Our dance classes have been working so hard on their dance for show time! Same with our Cheer and Gymnastics routines! Show Time is one of my favorite nights at camp because all the girls are so excited to be performing and their little friends are all so supportive and impressed by them! My favorite part of my job is being able to bounce around camp and see all our girls thriving in their classes. Our painting classes did q-tip art and pottery made bowels and plates

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We had a super warm but breezy day today with small drizzles during rest hour, but just enough to cool everything off! It really was a beautiful day. Tomorrow will be even better and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it! Before I go… Who wants to know tonight’s club winners???

Mounties FIRST! Rangers and Troopers TIED FOR SECOND!!