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Hello again parents and welcome to day 4 of Christmas in July at Camp Skyline. It was another great day up here on the mountain right up till the very last period of the day when Mother Nature decided to do a quick pop and drop on us but thank goodness it didn’t last too long and it was only rain so most of the classes kept on doing what they do after a brief stoppage in play for the heavy rain to pass through. Funny thing was I heard over the radio that the campers in fun swim had decided to stay at the pool and keep swimming since it was only rain and hey, they were all wet anyway. I was very proud of those girls for sticking it out and not letting a little rain stop them from having fun.

I did have once camper stop me and ask to write about her in tonights blog, she said her dad (DJ) reads every one of them. (not sure why, there’s lots better stuff to read out there than what I write), anyway…. here’s my best attempt at reliving that scene for ya…..

She was so excited because she didn’t get to shoot archery the first day due to the rain we had during her class time but yesterday when she got to archery, she picked up her bow for the first time, carefully loaded her arrow and drew back as she felt every muscle in her shoulder get tense. Her eyes squinted as she focused with every fiber of her body on the yellow bullseye sitting what seemed like 100 yards away. She lined up the tip of her arrow with its intended destination, slowed her breathing and felt her fingertips automatically release the string when everything was in line and the picture was perfect. As she released the arrow she could feel the rush of wind blow by her cheek as the fletchings whisked by with increasing speed as they guided the arrow down range flying through the air towards the bullseye. She felt herself left out the breath of air she had been holding every since she first gripped the bow string as she watched the arrow get smaller and smaller as it traveled towards its intended target. The air she had just exhaled was immediately sucked back into her lungs as she gasped and watched her arrow pierce the target right where she had intended. Perfectly in the middle for her first bullseye of the year.

Ok, that may have been a little over dramatic (at an all girls camp???? nooooooo…..) but hopefully you guys and especially DJ got to vision his daughter getting a bullseye on her first shot this year. See …. Wasn’t the first version better???? Anyway, DJ look me up when you come to pick up on closing day, I’ll have some good recommendations for ya on where you can get a good archery set!! You’re gonna need it!

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Now in the rest of camp…… The campers are all on auto pilot as they make their way from activity to activity. I didn’t get down to arts and crafts today like I had wanted to but I’ll make sure to get down that way tomorrow. Our cooking class is whipping out some delicious treats. At least they look delicious and I hear them talking about them afterwards, but no one has brought me any yet. There’s never any of their treats left so I’m pretty sure its OK to assume they like what they’re cooking. So far they’ve told me about some raspberry and strawberry tarts, homemade ice cream and more. Notice I said they’ve TOLD me about them, they haven’t yet BROUGHT me any…..just saying.

Our Mountain biking class is hitting the road and making their way around the top of the mountain. I’m not exactly sure where they went today but in all the classes, I saw them lined up and heading out through camp and not returning till the end of the activity period. They’ll make their way to the hardware store and Mentone Market I’m sure. Our advanced mountain biking class is working their way up to a long out of camp trip that will be several miles of trails and dirt roads on some property just north of camp. This won’t be till later in the session but they’re getting in some good practice for it now.

Speaking of practice, have you seen some of the pics of the girls at our circus class? Even if your daughter isn’t taking circus, be sure to browse through todays pics and enjoy some of the little daredevils flying through the air with the greatest of ease. Its even better in person watching them work up their own swings and then leap out into the air. I just put up a new cloud swing for them yesterday and man oh man, are they taking full advantage of it!

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The girls in the rappelling class will be taking their first out of camp trip tomorrow to put to use all the skills they’ve been on the fast tract learning these past 3 days. It’ll pay off too as they make their way up and down some real rock faces. I’ll be there too so you know I’ll bring back some of the best pics my little iPhone will take of them. Just wait till you see what they’re doing.

Even though it had rained at the end of the day, the rest of the day was plenty warm enough to enjoy the river and that’s just what your daughters did. I saw more than one small camper fly through the air as they were blobbed into the river. (the young campers are just so aerodynamic, they have great responses to the blob!!) Just check out the pics and see for yourself if you don’t believe me.

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Tonight at dinner, just as we were starting to enjoy our dessert, a bunch of boys from Camp Laney (not really, it was just our counselors dressed up like the Laney boys) and they came running in waving the club flags and captain’s boxes and would you believe, they had the audacity to run right up to the club leaders, take them out of their chairs and hustle them outside and out into camp? They took the leaders their club boxes and even their club flags and went out in camp and hid them away from all the other campers. Now you and I both know, your daughters just weren’t gonna stand for something like that to ruin their dinner. Just as soon as they finished their cookies, (you can’t form a rescue on an empty stomach), they all got together in their clubs, and went out to retake that was theres. All they had to do was find out where their club leaders were, head to that area and then get 4 campers around the legs of the rest of the counselors without being hit by a stuffed sock that the counselors had (and they had a LOT). If they were hit by a sock they had to report to the scorer and then they were right back in the game. There were countless cheers of 1…2….3… charge!!!!! and then everyone waiting to see who would actually charge the counselors. eventually they got a plan together and executed it to near perfection and by the end of the night every club leader, club flag and even the club boxes had been returned to their rightful clubs. It was a great night to be a camper and enjoy the taste of victory!! After all the cheering, running, yelling, throwing and everything else… the final results were………. Mounties and Rangers tied for 2nd and the terrific Troopers in 1st!!!! Way to go green machine!!!

Tomorrows a big day so I’m gonna head out and check my eyelids for leaks. I think I’m a few hundred miles past due for it so you guys enjoy the pics and we’ll see ya back here tomorrow!!

Get some good sleep……… I’m about to!!!!