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11:45 AM

Happy 4th of July parents and everyone else checking out the blog today! First and foremost let me say happy birthday to USA, I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday celebrating America. Even though here at camp, we celebrated our “4th of July” last session and this session is Christmas in July there’s still plenty of good ‘ol red white and blue going on around camp!

The campers are making their way around to all their activities enjoying a another full day of fun filled action. After a little rain that delayed a couple of the classes yesterday, today is a nice warm overcast but dry kinda day so its back to the fun.

This blog is a little different for me today since I had the uncommon luxury of some free time late this morning I decided to go ahead and get started with todays blog. I”ll keep coming back throughout the day and keep you guys updated as the day goes on.

see ya in a few

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6:03 PM

Its me again, back now after the afternoon activities. After getting a little rain delay in the afternoon yesterday, today was a beautiful day to be out in camp and enjoying all the fun. The afternoon was full of screams of fun as a lot of the campers were getting their first swings on the V swing or up and down the tower. As I was walking through camp I looked out and could see all the girls at circus up in the air and swinging on the cloud swing or trapeze. Even though were only 2 days into our activities I saw some of them performing some nice trick on the silks we have hung in the middle ring. No doubt they’ve either been here before and remembered the tricks form a year ago or they’ve seen Cirq Du Sole and had seen something they wanted to try themselves. Either way, they were looking really good up in the air.

The waterfront was a big splash this afternoon also. With the warm temps, everyone was cooling off by enjoying the pool or taking their turn at bobbing or getting blobbed into the river. There are some really good pics from our photographer at the blob today.

I have to take a minute to brag on your daughters that are in the class I teach, caving, survival and rappelling. After a slow start yesterday learning all their gear needed to climb and rappel rope one of the last things I said to them yesterday was today we’re gonna spend a lot of time climbing up to the top of the tower and rappelling down. Almost all of them started to look up and stare a then one asked, “all the way to the top?” like it was Mt Everest. Today they got their gear on, reviewed a quick lesson from yesterday and then they all made their way to the top and back down. Not once, not twice, but 4 or 5 times each. They were a little tired at the end of class but they did great. I can’t wait to see them work their magic out on the real cliffs later in the session.

Like I said in the beginning, even though this is Christmas in July session there’s still plenty of red white and blue around camp today. We never miss a day to celebrate America several of our campers and staff are wearing their colors out and about..

Well its almost time for my 2nd most favorite activity and thats dinner (1st is obviously rest hour) so I’m go and get ready to enjoy the traditional 4th of July meal…hot dogs and then its off to our big Sports night out on the field. I’ll let ya know how it goes…. gotta run be back soon

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11:01 PM

OK folks, I’m back for good now (at least till I finish the blog, then its back to bed for me!) Tonight after dinner we had a new activity this year thats simply called “Sports Night”. Its a high energy activity where the campers are paired off by their groups (age) and compete in a wild assortment of different crazy activities. You could hear them cheering and yelling all across camp as they were all on the sports field doing whatever they needed to help their group (or cabin) win. There was a huge soccer ball and they could only kick it when they were crab walking on their feet and hands with their belly up in the air, some water ballon tosses and more. be sure to look through all the pics and see some of the craziness for yourself.

Tomorrow will be day 3 of activities and I can’t wait to see how well they do out at horseback, archery and rifelry. By day 3 it’ll be time to visit the painting, pottery and arts & crafts area of camp and see some of the projects coming to life down there. I’m sure they will have some great stuff to show me. I’ll let ya know tomorrow!

Well by now all the girls are fast asleep, which doesn’t take long after an activity like tonight. I think I’ll follow their lead and head that way myself. You guys have a happy and safe 4th of July and we’ll be back ere tomorrow night!!