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Happy Monday (if there is such a thing) to ya parents! It was a clear and warm day up here on the mountain but don’t worry, we had plenty of water breaks and gator aid to go around all day and everyone kept plenty hydrated and full of excitement during the first day of activities. One thing is for sure, it didn’t take your daughters long before they were busy in all sorts of fun. They already got their first rides on the horses, ropes course was swinging through the air. I was out rigging our ropes for the caving survival and rappelling class I teach and while I was on top of the tower rigging, I had several campers pop their head up over the outside wall and say “hi”. To my surprise they had already made it to the top of one of the walls on the very first day!

Down in pottery and arts N crafts, the campers had already started picking out their projects they were planning on working on and they went right to work not wasting any time turning those mounds of clay into works of art. It won’t be long before they finish them and paint them and turn them over to the kiln for the final touch. I’ll be sure to check in and see how they turn out so I can let ya know.

One of my favorite classes is cooking class (if you’ve even seen me, ya know…). I didn’t get to stop by there today but I have it from a good source they’ve already learned a new recipe and it turned out pretty good. I’m gonna make that a priority tomorrow and many other days to follow to stop by and check on their work in person. Ya know… just to be a good reporter!!!

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I am happy to report that after watching some of your daughters at rifelry and archery that some of you dads are gonna have some awesome hunting partners this fall. Those girls were already making great groupings with their shots and a lot of them were right on target already too!! Y’all better get ready for some serious competition when it comes to getting that first buck this fall.

So tonight after our dinner would you believe your daughters, after playing all day long, still had a ton of energy stored up and played on of our wildest games of Sock Wars that you’ve ever seen. Now let me help those parents that may be new to Skyline in explaining just what happens when the girls play sock wars….

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First off, all the girls come to dinner all decked out in their club colors and when I say all decked out, I mean ALL decked out! They had face paint from head to toe, crazy wigs that light up in their club colors, wearing nothing but the colors of their club. Its a sea of red, blue and green while they’re throwing down some calories. After the last dessert is gobbled down, all the girls head out to a specific area of camp just for their club. Now each girl, still dressed in face paint and their club colors is armed with a hand full of stuffed socks. (don’t worry moms, we supply the socks so they’re not gonna bring back a trunk full of stretched out socks for you to sit through). Once we ring the bell all the girls head out to the areas of camp the other clubs occupy and all they have to do is throw a sock at other campers or counselors in the other clubs and make their way towards the club captain and the club flag and try to capture it and return it without being hit by a sock them selves. See… easy to play, but hard to explain, hard to explain. Just picture about 200 girls running around, all dressed in their club colors yelling and throwing socks all through the air. If…. I mean “when” one of them was hit by a sock, all they had to do was walk back to the scorers table with their hands on their face and then they were right back in the game running, throwing and yelling! Personally, if I played (and maybe you??) I’d have to sped the rest of the night and most of tomorrow with ice on my shoulders, no voice, and taking plenty of vitamin “I” (ibuprofen). Fortunately for them, they’re still young and will bounce back like nothing happened by tomorrow. I’m kinda jealous of that to be honest.

At the end of the night, after the last sock had fallen and you could see without having your line if vision blocked by hundreds of socks flying by your head, the final results were………………………………..(how many of y’all have a little drum roll going on inside of your head right now?)……………………………… Rangers 3rd, Mounties 2nd and the Terrific Troopers with the first win of the session!! Way to go girls! If your daughter is a Trooper, be sure to send them an email congratulating them.

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Tomorrow we’ll be right back at it with the activities going faster and faster so be sure to check back in and see what tomorrow brings. I can tell you this, tomorrow nights activity is something new called Sports night and all the campers will be out on the sports field playing all sorts of wild and crazy games.

Y’all have a great night, I’ve got to get some shut eye if you expect me to keep up with all these girls!!