GOOD EVENING PARENTS! I hope you all sleep well tonight knowing that your kiddos are having the BEST SUMMER EVER! Today was a BLAST at Camp Skyline Ranch! We have been hit by some mega heat the past few days to we have been extra sure to keep our campers hydrated. The girls don’t seem to mind much because that just means they get Gatorade at meals!!! Our fun swim girls stay super cool swimming in the river! They were all over the place today!

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Campers had the opportunity to switch classes today after breakfast so they are sure to love what they do! And I think everyone has made good decisions because they were having so much fun as I bounced around camp today. Most all activities are still in the beginning stages of classes, learning the basics and how-tos. It won’t be long before they will be pros though.

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We had some rain after dinner tonight so our night time activity was moved inside, but we had a blast no matter what! We didn’t stray far away from our typical sports night, still playing many of the same games. We played steal the bacon, or in this case, the plunger. As well as dodge ball, and crab soccer! It was tournament style with a surprise bracket… ADMIN vs COUNSELORS!

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We have had the most fun today and I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow! Goodnight everyone! I’ll update y’all on more fun tomorrow!