For those of you who don’t know me I’m Frances Lindsey, Camp Mom during the summer. I was a camper myself many moons ago with my sisters. My mom was a camper too back in the 1950’s. I even sent my children to Skyline. So as you can see Skyline means a lot to my entire family. I want to tell you a little about my day so you can see it through a mom’s eye.

We started this beautiful day learning more about our faith at Morning Watch. After Morning Watch we move on to Flag Raising then to a delicious breakfast. As always after breakfast the kids go back to their cabin to clean up. Every cabin at camp has a caper chart with jobs listed for each girl to help in the cleaning process. You would be amazed at how our mini campers to the Riversiders can sweep, take out the trash and make up her bed. Hopefully they will all continue this when they get home.

Club meetings begin at 8:30 and the girls are busy learning songs, talking about club spirit and even braiding hair. As you know the Rangers found the horseshoe so the Ranger Captain and I re-hid it Sunday night. The Mounties and Troopers still have a chance to find it and get the points. Whatever club has the horseshoe by banquet night gets a lot of points!

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Arts and Crafts girls have been busy making all kind of crafts using nature as their main tool. It has been fun to see the creative juices flowing. We have a mom of one of our past camper/counselors that is teaching the girls and she really has them inthralled allowing them to use sticks, pinecones, flowers and maybe a little hot glue. The older class has also been chiseling wood and even some rock. Amazing!

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One of my favorite times of day is Beli Deli where your child has the opportunity to grab a snack and just hang out with 200 or so of their friends. As you’ll see in pictures we now have a Book Nook on both sides of the river for the girls to have time to just sit and read. And of course the Gaga Pit and the rope swing are always a favorite during this time as is sitting on the gym steps and making friendship bracelets.

As I walked around camp today I noticed the girls at Ropes. What I really find funny is that on the zip line the campers get all ready to go and they have to sing a part of a song and the counselors on the ground sing another part of the song to let them know they are good to go. Today’s song was Enchanted by Taylor Swift. Surprise surprise!

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Something else I find interesting is over at the Tower. If you’re not in the mood to climb up or while your waiting your turn you can do a hair braiding train. I even saw the Trooper co-captain is writing her captain speech for banquet night and the Trooper song leader is making a “Most Spirited Trooper” sign to give out at the last club meeting. I even saw a few girls reading a book. Love it!

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Over at horseback it’s fun to see the girls riding such a big animal. They have learned so well how to keep their heels down, how to sit up straight, how to hold the reigns properly and how to steer in a circle. Several even trot or canter if they are ready. The look of pure joy in on their faces!

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I also have the opportunity to sit in on Sally’s Bible Study. Groups 5 and 6 that choose to take this class are learning about The Lord’s Prayer. Sally has such a gift of teaching. I’m always amazed at the number of girls that want to learn more about God’s word.

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One thing you may not be aware of is how we pour into our counselors at camp. We have counselor encourages that are hired for just that purpose… to encourage our staff. Another thing we do is each admin on staff has a group of girls they check in with each session to make sure things are going well. And each admin also has a group of counselors that meet one rest hour a session and just enjoy each others company with a fun snack and a devotion. It’s a great opportunity for fellowship!

So tonight’s activity is the rescheduled Laney Dance. Our girls were decked out in their neon colors and very excited to show off their dance moves. For those who don’t want to join the dance floor are allowed to watch the movie Trolls in the dining hall. A fun night is had by all!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a little of what our day is like on Lookout Mountain. I do have the best job being able to love on all your girls. See you in a few days!


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