Hey Skyline family!! I’m excited to hop on the blog for the first time this session. First and foremost, I want to give a “Happy Anniversary!!” shoutout to Camp Skyline’s wonderful owners and directors, Sally & Larry! I’m glad to give Larry a blog break so they can celebrate many happy years of marriage together! Okay back to camp.

My name is AC and I’m the nighttime director. Skyline has been my home for 11 summers and now offically two whole years full time. I’m excited to bring you along our busy day (with great weather might I add!)

This morning we said “See you next summer!” to the one-week campers, our minis! It was so sweet to see everyone reunite with parents and they were so excited to show off all of their artwork, introduce their new best friends and of course…escort their parents to the T-shirt coral. Be ready 4th session parents…it’s coming for you too. Mini parents, we LOVED having our minis here this week. They were so much fun and we hope to see all of them next summer, maybe even for two weeks! Thanks for making our check out process so great and smooth as well.

Alright so onto our day.

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Our fitness class started their day on a walk/run to Camp Laney. Apparently they stood at the gate yelling “We missed you last night!!” and “See you Tuesday!” Who knows if anyone heard it but they enjoyed a great start to a beautiful day. Don’t get me wrong, it was still July in Alabama humid but the rain did bring in a light breeze that made everything feel a tad bit cooler. Our Mountain Biking classes had a busy day as well biking all of the way to the Georgia state line! That’s 4 miles there & back! This session I’m also in a ropes class with the Riversiders and we have a ton of fun every day. I got to hang out with them up in the trees on our high ropes course. While being up in the trees, I spotted our LT class (our ageouts!) doing more team building with our Lycra circle. They seem to have so much fun. Cooking class made smoothies today. They were super excited about that. I’m hoping the churro roll up is coming soon. It’s AMAZING. I always find myself hanging around cooking on that day in hopes someone comes out looking to pass out extras. Volleyball was back at work perfecting their skills and Horseback had a few ground lessons brushing horses & learning about the tack room and stables too! Our first period dance class is full of Riversiders as well and are SO excited to show off their dance to everyone on Show time night! I also talked to some younger girls that are trying circus for the first time this summer and they are having so much fun! Lunch today was lasagna, a favorite for many. After a great rest hour, we headed back out to play. All of our activities were super busy today it’s hard to include what everyone did but today was a great last day to the week before Sunday gives us all a break and starts again Monday. After activities & dinner it’s time for SPEED CHALLENGE!

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If you don’t know what speed challenge is…try to keep up. Basically each club participates in a relay race for each age group. The Mounties, Rangers, and Troopers go head to head to head to do silly tasks in a quick manner in order to finish first and win…all while cheering the ENTIRE time. These tasks are things like hula hoop relay, under over, a human pyramid, jump rope relay, sweeping a ball down and back, and more. All of these tasks happen one after another. There are 11 tasks total and the first club to finish all and be seated WINS for their age group! In the end…the Troopers & Rangers TIED for second place and the Mighty Mounties came out on top for first! Every single camper had SO much fun. You have to see the video below of them getting into it. I also forgot to mention I think this session gets the most into the dressing up part of the night. I’m pretty sure every single Riverside camper covered almost their entire body with paint. Even some of the younger girls too! They love this game and we love watching them.

After a busy day, we’re excited to welcome our Sunday schedule with open arms! A later wake up call followed by the BEST donuts we’ve ever had (homemade by Mrs. Donna!), a sweet church service, a long rest hour, a fun-filled carnival and an adventurous Counselor Hunt. Parents, I hope y’all have had as much fun as we’ve had but I highly doubt that is possible. I love having your girls here at Camp with us! We wait all summer for fourth session and we love ending on such an amazing group of girls. I’m just not ready for the second week to begin. Time slow down!!! Thanks so much for sending them to Skyline! We’ll see y’all soon.

AC :)