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We had such a wonderful time at our Mother Daughter weekend. Our weekend began on Friday where we welcomed each family and took a tour of camp. We ate a delicious camp meal and then had the chance to sign up for activities for the weekend. During mother daughter we really like to keep everything just like camp, so everyone walked around the gym and signed up just like our two week campers do during the summer. After we finished signing up for activities, AC lead the moms and daughters in a fun trivia game. I think the kids really knew their moms very well. We ended Friday with a campfire lead by Frances and everyone making s’mores.

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Morning Watch is the very first thing we do each morning at camp so that was no different for Mother Daughter weekend. We taught everyone a song and Ella lead us in a small devotion. After breakfast we began activities. Making crafts, painting pottery, riding horses and swinging off the v-swing filled up the first part of the day. After lunch everyone enjoyed cooling off in the pool, canoeing down little river and challenging their mom on the dangling duo. After Dinner we had a fun night time activity of cabin speed challenge.

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Sunday morning Sally gave everyone a recap of her bible study this summer that she does with the oldest campers at camp. She talked about The Lord’s Prayer and what it actually meant. We enjoyed donuts and strawberries, which is a big tradition at camp before wrapping up the last two activities. I think the last day of activities was one of my favorite. Courtney from Town Creek Field and Farm came and brought some beautiful flowers for everyone to make flower crowns. Watching these girls and their moms get creative in picking out which color flowers they would use for their crown was so sweet. We had a fun filled weekend with families from all over and can’t wait to see everyone next time!

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Be on the lookout out for our Spring dates. The sign-ups will be open sometime early 2024!

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