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Our founder Eloise, believed in healthy competition and she gave Skyline two main clubs the, Mounties and the Rangers. In 1964, an old camp in New Orleans closed and many of the campers came to Skyline. As a result, Eloise decided that Skyline needed a third club, and the Troopers became the third club at camp.

At camp, each girl will be sorted into a club on their first year on the very first day. If they have had a sister, mom, aunt, cousin, etc come to camp they can be in whatever club they were in or they can pick a bead. If you did not have someone come to camp before you came then you get to pick a bead. Once you pick a bead the color of the bead determines which club you are in. Red, are the Mounties, Blue, are the Rangers, and Green, are the Troopers. Once you are in this club you are in it for life, each year at camp you will be in the same club!

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Clubs are so special since they have four older campers who are in charge of the club. These four leaders, A captain, a co-captain, and two song leaders are voted on by the entire club on opening day. These four leaders will lead the club meetings, help teach girls new songs and cheers, and strategize the game with the club.

During camp, we play fun friendly nighttime activities that are sometimes club-related. The clubs are competing for three cups that are awarded at a banquet, on the last night of camp. The point cup, where all the points from nighttime activities and the horseshoe we hide go towards that. The horse show cup, all of the club points accumulated from the horse shows, the regular classes, and the grand horse show. The spirit cup is voted on by the staff for which club shows the most spirit, being kind to one another, and good sportsmanship during the session.

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