Hey Parents! We are having so much fun over here on this Alabama mountain! Our older campers who take CSR went caving today! And they chose a good day to do it. It was a hot day so being cool underground was a relief I’m sure! Our outdoor adventure class made their own fishimg poles! They crafted the poles a couple days ago, decorated them yesterday, and fished with them today! I love being surrounded by fun campers that like getting their hands dirty! Arts and crafts have been doing all kinds of stuff! Every time I walk by they have a new project going. I have seen slime, wood projects, painting, bracelet making, and so much more!

It is our last day with the mini’s! We hate to see them go! They have so much personality and make camp so much more fun! They got to paint the horses which is the cutest thing! They performed their dance tonight for all of camp and it was the cutest. Our dance teachers are the best and work with them all week to learn the dance. I’m so glad they have the courage to get up infront of everyone and perform it! I have enjoyed seeing them all carrying around their stuffed animals activity to activity! Parents- yall may want to wash them when they come home…

Tonight was the long awaited Camp Laney dance! The girls are so funny about dance night. We have campers that have brought the nicest outfits to impress the gentlemen and we have campers that have no interest in attending. Don’t worry, we play a movie in the dining hall for all campers that don’t want to attend the dance! It is also so cool to see all the campers that know each other from home! Many have brothers, cousins, and even classmates that attend Camp Laney and are so excited to see eachother. Our dance them for this summer is Hometown Throwdown! Campers dress in a t-shirt or outfit that coorilates to their hometown! For example, I’m from Mentone so I wore a Mentone Market shirt! Everyone loves the Market!

I hope you all are enjoying seeing your campers through Waldo and the youtube and TikTok! Mini parents- We will see you tomorrow!

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