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Another opening day has come to an end!!! Every opening day is packed so full of excitement and fun! If you are new to Camp Skyline then welcome to the fam, and if not then welcome back! This blog post will be a tad longer than the usual daily blogs you can expect so get ready! There’s a lot to talk about!

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First, what is “The Roost”?

The Roost is where we will post our daily camp blogs and updates! It will typically be written by me, Rachel, but we have a couple guest writers throughout the session as well! We write about important things year around so feel free to subscribe to receive email notifications about our posts! We include a ton of cute pictures in the blog posts but you can always see more on Waldo!

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How do I get daily pictures of my camper?

You sign up for Waldo! I will add an infographic below with all the options for how to register to receive photos. Through Waldo you will have access to 500+ daily photos but you can also choose to upload a picture of your camper to Waldo and let them use facial recognition to pull photos of your camper. Waldo does charge a fee for this feature, but it will save you the time of scrolling through so many photos! You can also use Waldo to send your camper an email or Waldogram! They are printed every day at 9:30 AM Central Time and delivered to your camper at lunch time. Each email costs one dollar, charged to your campers spending account. Waldo will walk you through the registration process but if it gets confusing feel free to email me at We also post short daily vlogs on our Camp Skyline youtube account! We also link them to the bottom of the blog, so scroll to the bottom of this page to see todays! We also post silly TikToks and Reels on our social media accounts so check those out if you need a laugh! Our TikTok is @campskylineranch and our Instagram is @campskyline

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The join code is SKYLINE24

Now for the fun stuff!!!

We have already done SO much at camp! We had a seamless check-in and move-in thanks to our awesome parents! Thank y’all so much! Camp Skyline parents are the best parents! After all was settled and everyone said their see-ya-laters, we all went to the gym for our first camp meeting! We watched a video about the rules of camp, and chatted about the activities offered at sign ups. After that we moved on to actually sign up for activities! We then had a camp tour and then a yummy lunch of chicken fingers, a Sunday lunch special. After lunch, everyone went back to their cabins to talk about camp, answer questions, and get to know each other! By then everyone needed a pick-me-up so we had BELI DELI! The best thing ever! After the snacks were gone we had club drawings and captain elections! Such an anticipated time for new and returning campers. All first year campers drew their beads and joined their new clubs so be on the lookout for your camper in their camp club uniform! At elections every club voted in a club captain, co-captain, and two song leaders. Only the older campers can run for these positions, and it is the perfect opportunity to have some leadership responsibilities here at Camp Skyline. Be on the lookout for the club captains on Waldo too!

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To keep getting to know our cabin mates and counselors, tonights fun activity was “Cabin Fun Night” This is where all campers hangout with their cabins and do some kind of fun activity! We had dance parties, tye dye kits, spa nights, kickball, smores, and so much more. Then we had our first campfire of the session! This is where the Summer Theme is introduced to the campers and this year it is, The Armor of God!

Be on the lookout for fun blogs from me! Tomorrow is a full day of activities and then Sock Wars!!!