Hey parents!!! Today during day time activities I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off! I took a ton of pictures and kept up with what all was happening so I could give you all some inside info!

Camp job for teen girls.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

For a chunck of the day I spent time with the ACIT’s jamming out to music and passing out the lunch plates! They are such funny girls and make setting up for meals so fun. I also spent some time with the Home Science class who raced to see who could thread a needle the fastest… all were faster than I would be! We had a bullseye in archery today! I seen this one with my own eyes! Riflery is getting really good too! They are teaching all kinds of cool tricks in circus class. More brave girls flipping all through the air. My media team got a couple cool shots so check them out on Waldo!

I have seen TONS for gaga ball and 4-square. I have even seen 4-square drawn out of chalk on the basketball courts so more campers could play at once! The sports classes played and then campers continued to play throughout BOTH Beli-Deli’s!

Tonight was TALENT NIGHT! All our campers are so talented at Camp Skyline! I was blown away! To conserve time, not all our campers could perform at the show but everyone who had a preplanned act could sign up!

Here are our performers!


Beatrice - Singing

Charlotte, Amelia, Kate - Dancing

Audrey - Singing


Kathleen - Singing

Winnie - Singing

Capps - Cheer Dance

Josephine and Grace - Singing and Piano

Mila and Evie - Dancing

“The Fighter Comedians” - Comedy Act


“The Barbie Girls” - Dancing

Hattie and Rosie - Dancing


Juliette - Singing

Vivian - Singing

Caroline - Dancing

Hayes - Singing


Ann - Singing

Addison - Singing

Vivian - Gymnastics

They all did so great!!! I’ll keep the specifics of the winners a secret so these ladies can tell you themselves! I hope you all are getting sweet letters from your girls and keeping up with them on Waldo!

Till next time!