Sundays are super special at Camp Skyline. It is packed full of Jesus, fun, and good food!

We start every Sunday with a pajama breakfast where we have homemade doughnuts! We get to sleep in a little too! After breakfast we all head back to our cabins for a quick cabin clean up and to get ready for church. We all wear white to church, but it doesn’t have to be anything fancy! We have Sunday school with our cabins and then head to church!

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Church is in the gym and is such a sepcial time. We start the service with a few songs lead by our counselor choir. These counselors are so talented and have spent their free time learning songs to lead us in worship! Then we have church! Today’s passage was by a Camp Skyline Alumnae. She elaborated on the Armor of God and how to use the Word of God to make us “bulletproof”. She also taught us a fun dance to go with the song Bulletproof by Citizen Way.

For lunch we had the Sunday special, CHICKEN FINGERS! Then we had an extra long rest hour to get ready for the carnival! Carnival was so fun, despite the quick rain that came through. We had blow up waterslides and obstacle courses, open pool and blob, face painting, braclet making, snowcones, and just so much fun! Even when it started to rain, we kept the party going with a dance party in the gym.

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After carnival was picnic, campfire, and COUNSELOR HUNT! Counselor hunt is one of the more intense night activities because it is basically a huge game of hide and go seek in the dark. But in our version EVERY counselor hides and the clubs are the seekers. Every counselor is worth different points adn when they are found they are taken to the gym to be counted.

This session’s Counselor Hunt winners were…


We are keeping tabs on these club points! Not long until banquet and the horseshoe has still not been found…