It is Talent Show night at Camp Skyline! The Talent Show is something I look forward to every session! But before I get ahead of myself, lets talk about some things we did this morning!

Horseback equestrian program alabama.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1

We had some light showers throughout the night and into this morning. It stopped just in time for breakfast though! You can tell a big difference by this horseback photo alone! The background isn’t all dusty! Although it’s pretty humid, it has cooled off tremendously!

Even with the showers, the river remains pretty low. So no slide or blob yet, but theres still tons of fun to be had in the pool or the lily pads!

Mountain biking girls class camp alabama.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Outdoor adventure class built a shelter in the woods! They gathered limbs, sticks, and shrubbery to build a small shelter. It may not have been totally stable but they’re only just beginning!

Caving, survival, and repelling class left campus today for their first trip! They rappelled at the Zahn Management area and the girsl had the best time! Tomorrow they will be on the walking bridge rappelling into the river and climbing back out! The perfect activity for these hot days.

Summer camp for girls alabama.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Tomorrow is the last day of activities for our mini campers! We always hate to see them go, they bring so much extra personality to camp! They leave us Saturday morning and I know their families are ready to see them!

Now it’s time to talk TALENT NIGHT!!! We had a ton of talents tonight. Super impressive ladies! Here is a list of our performers:

Kathleen Jewell

Sela and Elle

Sally Godoy

Anne Lawrence Marsh

Marley Godoy

Callie Mullican

Finley Warner

Martha Adele Privett

Margaret Sale

Hadley Nichols and Emma Dial

Mary and Maggie

Turner Romano and Laney Reynolds

Caroline Moore

Parker Tuttle

We had first, second, and third place winners as well as an overall winner! I won’t spoil the winners, I’m sure they want to tell you all the news themselves!

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