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Today has been big! The FIRST Twin Tuesday of the year!!! It is so fun seeing everyone scramble to find outfits to match people. Espesially when it is a new camp friend that just happens to have the same style as you!

Even though Twin Tuesday is super special, activities carry on as usual. Just in style! This morning campers had the opportunity to switch up to two classes if they decided their origional schedule wasn’t for them. So for some campers, today was a day of learning new things! It’s been a beautiful day up here on the mountain! I hear some hot weather is headed our way so I have been extra thankful for the breeze I have felt. It was almost cold at morning watch this morning where Counselors Jane Beason and Molly asked campers just what the Armor of God is. I love hearing their creative answers!

Classes were in full swing today. I heard chat that the conoeing class was going to conoe all the way past Camp Laney today. Don’t worry, they aren’t allowed to mingle but a wave from a distance gets the girls giggling. The mountain biking class rode past the hardware store and stopped in for a sucker! The hardware store by camp is owned by our Camp Mom, Frances and her husband Cooper! He always waits for the mountain biking class to ride by and hands out some DumDums. If you are looking for a cute selection of Mentone gear, be sure to swing by and see him on closing day! Better hurry though he sells out fast.

Our mini campers are having a blast and have been so adorable carrying their stuffed animals around camp all day. I get to sit near them during meals and their conversations are the best to listen in on. They are such a fun age! They have been thriving in their classes! They are getting comfortable around the horses and really learning their mini-dance routine! I can’t wait to see them perform it for us all.

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For tonights program we played one of my favorite games… CANDY CRUSH! Candy Crush is sorta hard to explain but I’m going to try. Counselors split into two groups and spread out around camp. Some counselors have a bag of balloons with points inside and if you complete their challenge, your cabin earns a balloon! The rest of the counselors are “hecklers” and will pop your balloons if you don’t complete the task to their satisfaction. And the worst part is, you don’t know the difference between hecklers and points until you approuch the counselor! Once your cabin safely makes it to three balloons, you head to the gym to keep them safe. Once all cabin are finished or the time runs out, everyone pops their balloons to see how many points they had!

Tonight was a cabin competition so there was no prize, but there still has to be a winner right? Well a couple Summerplace teams tied for first so we had a COUNSELOR DANCE OFF!!! And the final winners were… SUMMERPLACE ROOMS 3 AD 5!