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We have had a successful first day of activities at Camp Skyline! The first day of activities is really just going over the gameplan for the session and to give a sneak peak of what campers will be doing! Campers have the opportunity to switch activities tomorrow morning so they use today to decide if they will like the class or not.

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It was a super hot day up until dinner! We are so glad that campers have brought waterbottles to camp to stay super hydrated! After dinner everyone decked out in their club attire for our first CLUB COMPETITION!!! Tonight was Sock Wars! Sock Wars is basiaclly a huge game of doge ball and capyure the flag.

About 10 minutes into the game, the bottom FELL out and we got some much needed rain! Campers finished up the game and got quite wet! Then we headed to the gym for some cheers and to find out the winners! Guess who took home the points tonight!

Mounties first!!! Rangers second!! Troopers third!

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