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Howdy Camp Skyline Family!

We have had a great day three at Camp Skyline! Campers have settled into their clubs and had a blast at club meeting this morning! Campers attend club meeting daily. This is where they learn club songs and cheers, strategize for the upcoming club competitions, and just all around make friends with their club members!

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Today activities were a blast! Our Caving, Survival, and Rappelling class climbed and rappelled the tower to prepare for their upcoming off-campus rappelling trip!

Outdoor Adventure class built a small shelter out of materials found in the woods! It seems to have held up well!

Older-girls Volleyball class played a fun campers vs counselors game! Six campers against two counselors was intense!

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Mountain Biking went further off campus today with a one mile ride down past Camp Laney and back!

Our Circus ladies are learning all kinds of new tricks! It is only the second day of activities and they are already flying left and right.

We had a pretty hot and humid day with some showers this afternoon. The rain wasn’t enough to take the fun away though! The river has filled some but not quite enough to open up our riverfront fun swim yet. The pool is getting a lot of attention this summer! We should be getting some more rain tonight and hopefully it will fill the river up!

Tonight’s activity was a cabin activity, CANDY CRUSH!!! In the Camp Skyline version of Candy Crush, counselors are split into two groups, one group of “candy makers” who give tasks for campers to earn “candy” which is a balloon with a tiny paper that says how many points it is worth. The other group of counselors are “hecklers” who are going around camp and catching the campers to give them tasks, if they fail at the tasks then they get a balloon popped! When campers get three balloons, or the time runs out, the whole cabins returns to the gym to pop their balloons and count their points! I’m sure yalls campers can explain it so much better than I can!