Hi everyone! My name is Alexis and I’ll be giving you word on what happened all around camp today! We had a little bit of rain yesterday, so it was a cooler and windier morning up on the mountain! Our cooking activities were making oreo balls today! It’s all I heard the campers talking about! They were so yummy! These campers aren’t playing around in archery… they ALL look like pros!!!! Over at horseback, the campers are trotting away! I love how eager all of our campers are over at the barn! You can see so clearly that they love what they are doing and it’s awesome to see them accomplishing goals and overcoming challenges! I know by the end of the week they will all get even better! Circus is up and flipping around and doing the most amazing tricks! I love taking extra time to watch them learn new things and cheer each other on as they are up in the air! I could hear the girls in the dance hall dancing and laughing so I had to go on over! They were blasting tunes and learning choreography and it was so fun! I saw pottery making bowls for their pets and each of the campers designs were so fun! In the gym, volleyball was playing ’Knockout” but volleyball edition! I could feel the eneergy in the room and it was so hard to not jump in and participate myself! It definitely got a lot warmer throughout the day, so when I saw campers heading towards the river to blob, I was jealoussss! The blob is such a fun activity for the campers and I now they all look foward to it!

On Wednesdays we wear pink!

There was a lot of pink at camp today! So it only felt right to include it in the blog!!!

Tonight’s activity was Get Skyline Back and “boy” was it a fun time! Get it?! The “Laney Boys” crashed camp and our clubs competed against each other for club points. They had to take down the “Laney Boys” without being hit with a “cootie bomb” (aka socks)! And the scores are in….