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I hope this blog finds you well and not going too stir crazy! Here at camp we have created different ways to help combat this quarantine-induced boredom. Throughout the week we have shared ideas, activities, and projects to try! Just in case any of y’all missed out on the fun on social media I’ve posted them below too!

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We started this week with a rousing game of At Home Bingo: Skyline Edition. I’ve attached it below, if you or your campers are able to fill all the squares be sure to let us know!

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Right click and save the image to print it out and play!

On Tuesday we went LIVE on Instagram to answer questions and make a few special announcements! Saralee announced that the theme for the summer will be revealed next week, so be on the lookout. Laci announced that a few ideas campers presented during Cabin Shark Tank might just be incorporated into camp this summer! Ivy re-announced our newest activity Photography. And Sally had a very special announcement: she hid the Golden Horseshoe!!!

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The hunt for the Golden Horseshoe has officially begun! First one to ‘find’ it will get a special shoutout for their club! Now for the highly sought after clues:

Clue #1

It may be high, it may be low, it could be anywhere you go.

While your home and schooling online think what’s up at Camp Skyline

Clue #2

Oh where oh where has the horseshoe gone? Oh where oh where could it be?

With camp blooming and the water running I would look near a tree,

Think you know where it is? Email with your guess. Stay tuned throughout next week for more clues and good luck!!

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On Thursday, Saralee taught everyone how to do a SOAPS and even shared her very own! SOAPS is a great tool that we use at Camp to teach girls how to study and learn from the Bible. You can find Saralee’s video here and more information about SOAPS here.

Wrapping up our week, we went and basked in the sunshine out on the basketball court while creating a chalk masterpiece. We challenge you and your families to express your creativity, too! Whether it’s drawing with chalk, finger painting, or singing a song we’d love to see it. So share your creativity, tag us, and we’ll share it on Camp’s Facebook and Instagram story!

We pray that you and your families are well and safe!

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