Join us as we use SOAPS to go through the book of James. This Monday Saralee, our chaplain, started us off by sharing what she learned from James 1:1-8. Today Anna Clayton, one of our Riverside Head Counselors, shared her takeaway from James 1:9-18. We encourage you and your Skyline gal to join along and do your very own SOAPS as we go through James every Monday and Wednesday of the coming weeks.

As Saralee mentioned, Observation is an important part about studying the Lord’s word. You can learn more about James from this Bible Project video.

Anna Clayton shared a great Application she learned from James 1:16-18. What was your Application from these verses?

We are so excited to share these SOAPS as we go through James! Stay tuned for next week as we go through James 1:19-27 on Monday and James 2:1-13 on Wednesday. Remember that the final ‘S’ in SOAPS stands for Share, so make sure you’re sharing with a family member or friend!

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